HCF Connect is our small group or Connect Group ministry. We are better together. The Sunday Celebrations are fantastic and play a unique role in our lives. But we need the space to go deeper in our relationships too, to be known and to know others closely. When we hit crisis or when someone else hits a crisis, it’s in a Connect Group that we can be helped and help others. To be in each others homes is so important in our journey of following Christ. We encourage you to join one. Some meet on a Wednesday evening, some on a Thursday evening, and there are some that meet during the day.

If you cannot make the times due to work commitments we encourage you to join a WhatsApp Family Group to stay in on the communication and to be on a group where you can pray for others or request prayer. As we learned in 2020 when the hard lockdown took place these groups can be a lifeline.

Please contact the church office (033 343 5413 or candy@hcf.org.za) for further details or to join a group

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