June 2016

In the month of June we will be treated to some stand alone talks which will inspire and transform our lives. Let’s come expectant, and with open hearts to what God wants to do in our midst. Remember our Sunday Celebrations are there for us to worship God together, hear God together and experience God together. If you’re MIA, we’re not together!

  (2016-06-26) Ross A’Bear  – In the Valley where the Wild Things are  (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-06-26) Rich Pratt – The Root [click here to download]

  (2016-06-19) Elliott Sonjica – The Work of the Holy Spirit [click here to download]

  (2016-06-12) Duane Smith – What it means to be in Christ  (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-06-12) Rich Pratt – You don’t need it till you need it [click here to download]

  (2016-06-05) Richie Pratt – Where are all the Hymns?  (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-06-05) Craig Clark – The Expectation Gap [click here to download]