“Being part of a recovery community is an essential part of the recovery process – proven to significantly contribute to sustainable rehabilitation outcomes.

Recovery communities help to develop a new set of principles and core beliefs which sustain a positive recovery lifestyle, assist in addressing denial mechanisms and reinforce the culture of recovery through social learning.

Individuals with similar life experiences are able to provide peers with informational and emotional support, empathy, encouragement, and hope. Being part of a community increases feelings of belonging and security and holds people accountable.

Additionally, Exodus Recovery Groups prioritize the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources which equip and empower individuals to maintain successful recovery – either from addiction or from the impact of a loved one’s addiction.

It is very important to recognize that the dysfunction of addiction is not restricted to the active user.

Significant others (supporters), in the form of family members, partners and friends, are commonly affected; becoming an integral part of a disordered system as they adopt maladaptive coping strategies.

Supporters require their own journey of recovery, to heal from trauma and to free themselves from self-defeating behaviours, such as co-dependency and enabling.

Thus, Project Exodus Recovery Communities are comprised of 2 separate but interrelated Recovery Groups, one for Addiction Recovery and the other for Supporters’ Recovery. Typically, these groups meet together for a portion of the meeting and then split into separate venues.”  (Extract from Project Exodus Training Manual)


Project Exodus Recovery Group meets at Hilton Christian Fellowship every Monday evening from 6-8pm. Please contact the church office on 033 343 5413 or email candy@hcf.org.za for more information.