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SOZO Ministry

  1. SOZO – this ministry was birthed in Bethel church.  The word SOZO is a Greek word that means to save, to deliver, to heal and preserve. The SOZO mission statement states that the aim is to love people and to provide information so that the healing of passed wounds can break strongholds, replace lies with truth, and close doors to the enemy. We want people connected to the Godhead in a more intimate way in order for them to continue to walk out and fulfil their destiny.  A SOZO session usually takes 3 hours and is led by two or three trained SOZO counsellors.  This is a Holy Spirit lead ministry.


  1.  SOZO Children – sessions are available for children and young adults from the age of 5-18.  Similar to the aim of the adult ones, the desire is for the children to walk in complete freedom from guilt and shame, teaching them how to identify lies they may be believing, walk through any process of forgiveness and to hear the truth from God.  Both parents are required to have had a SOZO themselves prior to booking a session for their child (unless under exceptional circumstances) and for younger children, a parent must be present during all SOZO sessions.


If you would like to find out more about SOZO, you are welcome to contact the church office or Dy on 072 340 7038.

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