Positioning the Prophetic Weekend


[Please note that these talks follow in date order. The messages on 2016-03-12 were delivered in a ‘workshop setting’ and may be difficult to follow for people who were not present in the workshops. Talks on 2016-03-11 are stand-alone. Zach Lombard’s talks on Sunday 13th March are found under the series heading ‘Prophetic Profiles’.]

  (2016-03-12) Shelagh Lechmere-Oertle & Others – Deepening the Prophetic 5b [click here to download]

  (2016-03-12) Martin Bouwer & Others – Deepening the Prophetic 5a [click here to download]

  (2016-03-12) Karen Bouwer – Demystifying the Prophetic 4b [click here to download]

  (2016-03-12) Richard Lechmere-Oertle – Demystifying the Prophetic 4a [click here to download]

  (2016-03-12) Zach Lombard – Delving into the Prophetic 3 [click here to download]

  (2016-03-11) Guy Veltman – Testimony of the Prophetic Ministry 2 [click here to download]

  (2016-03-11) Zach Lombard – Introducing the Prophetic Ministry 1 [click here to download]