The Great Partnership


Jesus said that we should pray for workers because the fields are ready for harvest. Our nation needs the gospel now more than ever before!  In his letter to the Philippians, Paul describes this task as “The Great Partnership” in the gospel. In this series we’ll be discovering what this partnership looks like and how it must impact on our lives daily as we play our part in gathering the harvest.

  (2016-10-30) Rich Pratt – You Can Do It (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-10-30) Duane Smith – Keep Rejoicing [click here to download]

  (2016-10-23) Brett Croeser – Following the Good Example (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-10-23) Dave A’Bear – Finding That [click here to download]

  (2016-10-16) Duane Smith – Taking One for the Team (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-10-16) Rich Pratt – Working it out [click here to download]

  (2016-10-09) Bryden Francis – Having the right attitude (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-10-09) Elliott Sonjica – Living the Life [click here to download]

  (2016-10-02) Duane Smith – Paying the Price (Sunday Nite Live) [click here to download]

  (2016-10-02) Rich Pratt – The Partnership [click here to download]